Memphis Belle Watches

The company, which takes its name from a true legend of military aviation, the b-17 memphis belle bomber, has strengthened its ties with this area year after year; a considerable creative effort has led to the design of models expressly dedicated to the most prestigious formations of our armed forces, of the present and of the past: from the tricolor arrows to the tenth mas, from thunderbolt to daring raiders, just to name a few examples.


Thanks to the accumulated experience and the application of the best technologies, the company has pursued a level of extreme specialization.

The design study, connected to military operational needs, is characterized by its marked innovation qualities; the design of the watches is characterized by the coexistence of technical elements and elements of style, a combination that is the recognized signature of memphis belle.

The high quality standards of the watches produced by the Genoese company have decreed its growing success, allowing a widespread diffusion of the brand nationally and the progressive opening to foreign markets.

The company produces super-professional diving watches and chronographs with total quality materials, with technical contents perfectly suited to the needs of the military professional. the very high level of the models made has meant that our watches were used by many special and flight departments, for operational use in important national and international military missions.

The choice of materials and the design and production methods of the individual models are modeled to obtain the maximum in terms of functionality, resistance and precision.

The cases and bracelets are made of 316l aisi steel with zero oxidation rate or pure grade 2 titanium, a metal characterized by a maximum level of almost total: these are the same materials that are used for the construction of the hulls of submarines and of spaceships.

The water resistance of the waterproof cases varies from 10 atm (100 meters) to 120 atm (1200 meters) and the bracelets are equipped with double safety locks and elongation for use over the suit.

The crowns have a special internal screw system with double safety o-ring, identifiable by the diver’s head engraved in relief. all our models adopt scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a special anti-reflective coating to allow use even in extreme light conditions. the dials and hands, with high visibility at night, are equipped with a non-radioactive super luminova, which is charged with sunlight. the dials can be customized with your own department or company logo.

Each Memphis Belle watch is the result of continuous research, of an in-depth study of details which is an absolute guarantee of quality.

The history of the Flying Fortress

The Memphis Belle flying fortress was one of 12,750 B-17s built by Boeing. He flew from November 7, 1942 to May 17, 1943, managing to complete 25 missions without losing a single crew member and never suffering significant damage.

For this, it became the most famous bomber of the American Air Force. The plane was christened “memphis belle” by the pilot commander col. robert morgan, in honor of the beautiful girlfriend miss margaret polk. The nose of the plane was painted by corporal tony starcer who was inspired by the famous pin-ups designed by the well-known artist of the time george petty, a pupil of the even more famous alberto vargas.

The general command of the US Air Force had established a maximum of 25 missions as a stimulus to the crews to return home; in fact morale was low as more than 80% of the bombers had been shot down during the first three months of the war on the skies of Europe. also for this reason the memphis belle became an example to follow.

During the 25 missions he flew 148 hours, 50 minutes and covered more than 20,000 miles. The 26th mission of the Memphis Belle, the most important for the American government, was to return to the United States and start a promotional tour of the Air Force as a thank you to the American population, who were supporting considerable efforts due to the war.

The crew members visited over 32 cities where they were welcomed as heroes. their mascot, the dog named “stuka” traveled with them across the Atlantic, also participating in the final thanksgiving flight.

On May 17, 1987, exactly 44 years after completing his 25th mission, a museum was dedicated to Memphis Belle and over 25,000 people attended the inauguration. A formation of B-17s flew over the site of the demonstration scattering thousands of rose petals and Miss Polk together with the crew warmly thanked the audience.

The US Air Force has declared the Memphis Belle a national historical treasure … a fitting tribute to the most famous lady in the sky!